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Billing4acupuncture is the single desk company in providing you with a vast and accurate billing claim services that too in a nominal and within the provided duration of time. From implementing the EMR/EHR facility to the coding work and the submission and payment process, our experts with the latest and most accurate software render you with the 24/7 availability to maintain the comfort you deserve from your hard work as a practitioner. We have the prime foundation in the field of billing insurance industry with the expertise in claim submission, insurance credential maintenance, rejection management, denial and appeals management, and payment posting. Apart from this, we are also growing in the field of website designing, website development, logo designing, digital marketing, etc. Working as an insurance claiming company for 10 years, we have set a peak for the welfare of our customers, and the satisfaction and trust of our clients have always inspired us to work more efficiently that has lead us to a summit of success in this profession.

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